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SA Norway Program (2007 - 2010)- Completed
Material is based upon work supported by the National Research Foundation under Grant number UID 64477

Disclaimer: Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in these materials are those of the author(s) and therefore the NRF does not accept any liability in regard thereto.

Gender Rhetoric Workshop, BI School of Management, Oslo, Norway, December 2009

Volume 1, African Yearbook of Rhetoric, September 2010

Berit von der Lippe, Kairos and Bangladesh (in Norwegian). Working paper. Do not use without author's permission.
Download Paper

Aditi Bye Hunma, A rhetorical analysis of Nobel Lectures of Wangari Maathai, Rigoberta Menchu and Aung San Suu Kyi
Download Study

Gender in the Deliberative Public Sphere
Download Project Summary

Berit von der Lippe, Images of Victory? Images of Masculinity? Nordicom Review 27 (2006) 1, 63-79. By courtesy of the author. Source material for the Project.
Download Article

Berit von der Lippe, The gendered rhetoric silence. Working paper. Do not use without author's permission.
Download Paper

Working Papers (researchers: Ms Ruvimbo Goredema, Ms Aditi Hunma and Mr Themba Ratsibe)

Working Papers 1: Ruvimbo Goredema, Women and Media Representations
Women and Business Schools Advertising
Women and Glossy Magazines
Table of Content
Women as Rhetorical Agents of Peace

Working Paper 2: Aditi Hunma, Representation of Women in the Public Sphere

Working Papers 3: Themba Ratsibe, Gender and Military Representations
War and Peace arguments
Military and Gender

Working Papers 4: Bridget Kwinda, SASOL: Gender and Decision-Making
Summary of Findings
Sasol - Research Report July 2008
Supporting Data
Energy Liquid Charter
PWE Forum - more
Sasol_BEE 2004
Sasol Inzalo Media Presentation
Soul of Sasol

Working Papers 5: Bridget Kwinda, Broad Based Black Empowerment and Gender
Research Report BEE

Supporting Documents
Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Act 2003
Articles on BEE
Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment B-BBEE
Transformation and Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa
Chief executive's Report
Black Economic Empowerment: Addressing Socio-Economic inequality in South Africa
Empowerment & the Private Sector
Fast Facts 12-2007
Impact of BEE Implementation on Profit Margin and Productivity
Individuals Who Are Products of Black Economic Empowerment
Mind the Gender Gap
Pioneers, Powers and Pundits: Influential and Powerful Black Directors on the JSE February 2004

Working Papers 6: Philippa Levenberg ,Gender Rhetorical Ideographs

Oslo, BI School of Management, project workshop, April 2008

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