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The Centre in collaboration with ARCSA [here link to page where the Association for Rhetoric and Communication in SA is listed], or on its own, organizes or co-organizes regular events (the African Symposium in Rhetoric), while it lends its support to special events. Below, a selective list of conference programmes.

The Conference on Rhetorical Theory : University of South Carolina, October 2008

National Communication Association (USA), 2 sectional meetings held by the Association for Rhetoric and Communication in Southern Africa, 16 and 17 November 2007. Chicago, 16th November, 2007
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1st International Colloquium on Rhetoric, Protests and the Economy
Durban, 3rd July, 2007
Download Programme

7th African Symposium on Rhetoric
Hoerikwaggo Building, Lecture Theatre 1, 22-23 June, 2007
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6th African Symposium on Rhetoric
Cape Town, South Africa, 6-11 June, 2004
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Cezar M. Ornatowski, The Rhetorical Phenomenon of Lech Walesa. Plenary paper, Cape Town 2004. Published in Advances in the History of Rhetoric, 2005 (by courtesy of the author).
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5th African Symposium on Rhetoric
Roma campus of the National University of Lesotho, 3rd - 5th July, 2002
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4th African Symposium on Rhetoric
University of Zambia, Lusaka, 9-10th August , 2000
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Truth in Politics
University of Cape Town, Cape Town, 1999
[in collaboration with IFAS, Johannesburg]
Download the entire volume of Proceedings (with new material), TRUTH IN POLITICS.
Rhetorical Approaches to Democratic Deliberation in Africa and beyond, Philippe-Joseph Salazar, Sanya Osha, Wim van Binsbergen (Eds.), published by QUEST An African Journal of Philosophy / Revue Africaine de Philosophie, XVI, No. 12002 (actual date of publication: March, 2004)

Download Volume

3rd African Symposium on Rhetoric
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 28-29th August, 1998
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Other Conferences

International conference on Rhétorique et Droits. Law and Sovereignty after Apartheid, held in Paris, at the Academy, in June 2003. This document contains the last text written by Jacques Derrida on truth and forgiveness and one of the last texts written by Paul Ricoeur. It is the uncorrected version of the Proceedings, published by Le Genre Humain, 2004.
Download Volume

EURICOM Colloquium on Communication and Culture
Piran (Slovenia), 13-15 September, 2007
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