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SA painter Toni Bico ( contributes original artwork to the African Yearbook of Rhetoric

Ph-J Salazar at Yangzhou University, November 2011

Salazar, Annual Kenneth Burke Lecture 2009

Cheryl Glenn, PhJ Salazar, Jan Swearingen, Penn State 2009

Truth and Reconciliation, book launch, 2007

Cezar Ornatowski and Eric Opoku (PhD registrant), Rhetoric and Society colloquium, Anvers, 2011.

Photos from colloquia in Warsaw, Örebro and Cape Town.

Warsaw Symposium, 2003. Among the participants: Prof PJ Salazar, Prof J Axer with graduate students for Poland and the Ukraine, and Prof C Ornatowski

Cape Town Colloquium, 2004. Among the participants: Prof G Hauser, Prof K Kohrs-Campbell, Prof E Doxtader

Orebro, Sweden, 2005 and 2006 colloquia. Prof B. Mral, Prof R Hariman and graduate students

Prof Berit Von Der Lippe, Co-leader of the project with Norway

Maurice Charland sings the blues.

Oslo, BI School of Management, project workshop, April 2008

7th Biennial African Symposium of Rhetoric, Cape Town, June 2007

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