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       Advances in the History of Rhetoric (Vol. 9)
       American Presidential Rhetoric
       American Society for the History of Rhetoric
       Ancient Rhetoric
       Asociación Argentina de Retórica
       Arabic Rhetoric (open access via Google)
       Aristotle's Rhetoric
       B Mral: Bush's War Rhetoric
       Brazilian Society of Rhetoric
       Chinese Rhetoric Society of the World
       Documentary Rhetoric
        German Rhetoric
       GRAL, Brussels
       International Rhetoric Culture Project
       International Society for the History of Rhetoric
       Institute for anthropological research
       M. Carrithers on Rhetoric and Culture
       Medical Rhetoric
       Nordic Rhetoric Network
       Philosophy & Rhetoric
       Philosophy and Rhetoric in Dialogue, G. Hauser       Ed
       Photojournalism (Rhetoric) Hariman-Lucaites
       Polish Rhetoric (By courtesy)
        Power of Persuasion (in French)
        Quarterly Journal of Speech, 94 (1)
        Rhetorical review
       Rhetorica in Africa
       Rhetoric Society of America
       Rhetorical Theory (basics 1)
       Rhetorical Theory (basics 2)
       Rhetoric's View of Anthropology.
       SA politics at Polity
       Rhetoric - Wikipedia
       Scandinavian Rhetoric
       The National Communication Association
       The Rhetoric of Pope John Paul II
       The Rhetorical Shape of International Conflicts, Javnost-The Public. 12/4, 2005.

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